American Arachnological Society Meeting 2017
Monday 24th to Friday 28th of July
México, Querétaro, Juriquilla

Hotel Misión Juriquilla:
We recommend that our attendees to stay at the Hotel Misión Juriquilla. This very nice and comfortable Hotel is within walking distance of the meeting venue (2 km = 1.25 mi). A shuttle also will be available.

This Hotel offers first class accommodation in a renovated XVIII century "Hacienda" surrounded by gardens and Colonial buildings. It has 192 standard rooms, 4 suites and 13 event rooms. The meeting banquet will be held at one of these event rooms. This hotel also has restaurants, Internet, ATMs, a championship golf course, swimming pools, etc.

If you are interested please check the rates and room availability at their booking web page. Daily rates are on average $65 USD per person.

Misión Juriquilla entrance

Double room view

Hotels near the Meeting venue:
Querétaro City is at the center of many Colonial Towns from the XVII and XVIII centuries and has several accommodation options.

For hotels around the meeting venue please click on the Google Map below, or use a specialized hotel room search engine. Daily rates for these hotels range from $40 to $68 USD per person.

Please consider that most of these hotels are not within walking distance from the meeting venue and you will have to take either a Taxi or use public transportation. Just mention that you are going to either the "Unidad Multidisciplinaria de Docencia e Investigación, Facultad de Ciencias UNAM" or "Universidad Autónoma de Querétaro".

Querétaro has an average altitude of 1,820 m (5,970 ft). The climate is dry to semi-arid with temperatures on July range from 25° to 37° C (80° - 100° F). Therefore it is recommended to be well hydrated and take it easy with the walking if you live at sea level.

Safety: Juriquilla is a safe town and the people are friendly, but is not recommended to be walking at night. If you are planning to travel at night, please consider Uber or arrange at an earlier time your pickup with a trusted Taxi driver. Please don't take random Taxis off the street.

Hotels near the Centro Académico Cultural