American Arachnological Society Meeting 2017
Monday 24th to Friday 28th of July
México, Querétaro, Juriquilla

Meeting Schedule:
Attendees should plan to arrive Monday July 24th. We will wait for you at the auditorium CAC of the Facultad de Ciencias UNAM. CAC stands for Centro Académico Cultural.

Registration will be Monday 24th from 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM at this place. If you arrive after 9:00 PM go directly to your Hotel and you will be registered Tuesday 25th from 8:00 to 10:00 AM.

Talks will be from Tuesday 25th to Thursday 27th. The conferences day will start at 8:30 AM, coffee break at 10:30 AM, two hours of lunch starting at 1:00 PM and will end at 5:30 PM. The schedule for presenting the Posters will be announced in the meeting.

As a policy of the UUNAM it is forbidden to consume alcoholic beverages inside the campus. However, there are plenty of pubs around the Meeting venue where we can enjoy of a cold beer and continue our arachnid discussions.

The Field Trip will be on Friday 28th. If you do not plan to attend this excursion, you can return home either this day of the 27th after the talks.

Meeting venue:
Juriquilla is a small town in the Northern part of Querétaro City. It began in 1707 as a Hacienda, until the 1970s when most of the land was transformed to residential areas, and in 1992 the main house of The Hacienda became a hotel. Over the last 15 years several Universities and Research Centers such as the Universidad Autónoma de Querétaro and the UNAM (among others) have built campuses in this town.

All talks will be held at the Centro Académico Cultural (CAC) within the Unidad Multidisciplinaria de Docencia e Investigación, Facultad de Ciencias UNAM campus Juriquilla . Please come here during the first day of the meeting for Registration Check-in from 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM. If your plane or bus arrives later please contact us at: The only events that will not happen here will be the Field Trip and the Banquet. For a map of the meeting venue and detailed information regarding its location please select the "UMDI-FC-UNAM Map" below.

This is the complete address of the Meeting venue:
Unidad Multidisciplinaria de Docencia e Investigación.
Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México.
Facultad de Ciencias, Campus Juriquilla.
3001 Boulevard Juriquilla.
Juriquilla, Querétaro, México. C.P. 76230.
Phone from USA (+52) (55) 56234324 Ext. 34324.
Phone from Querétaro (+52) (442) 1926224.

Unidad Multidisciplinaria de Docencia e Investigación
Facultad de Ciencias UNAM campus Juriquilla

Centro Académico Cultural UMDI FC-UNAM


Arriving by airplane:
The closest airport to the UMDI-FC-UNAM is the Querétaro Intercontinental Airport. This airport is located at 37.9 km (23.54 mi) from the meeting venue. There are direct flights from the USA to this airport, but it is likely that you will arrive first in México City International Airport and then have to take a connecting flight to the Querétaro Intercontinental Airport. Most Mexican domestic airlines fly daily to this airport from Mexico City.

The easiest way to get to the meeting venue from the Querétaro Intercontinental Airport, is to take a Taxi from this airport to the "Centro Académico Cultural of the UNAM". Most drivers will know the place and it will cost approximately $ 15 USD; otherwise please give the address mentioned above. Take the official airport Taxis that have stands inside the terminal.

More information about the location of the Querétaro Intercontinental Airport and the routes to the Meeting venue can be accessed on the map below.

Querétaro Intercontinental Airport to UMDI FC-UNAM

Arriving by bus:
There are buses that depart every hour (1:20 AM to 11:50 PM) from México City International Airport to the Central de Autobuses Querétaro. The trip is approximately four hours. Please click on the links above if you plan to take a bus from that International airport to find schedules and fares.

From the Central de Autobuses Querétaro to the UMDI-FC-UNAM take a Taxi from one of the Central de Autobuses stands that are inside the terminal. The trip will cost approximately $10 USD. There is also Public Transportation that will take you to the Centro Académico Cultural from the bus station. Look for the bus that has a sign with the words "UNAM campus Juriquilla" in the front window, the approximate cost is less than $2 USD.

More information about the location of the Central de Autobuses Querétaro and the routes to the Meeting venue can be accessed on the map below.

Central de Autobuses Querétaro to UMDI FC-UNAM

Arriving by car:
From México City find the main freeway locally called "Periferico" and follow the signs for Querétaro. This freeway will become the "Autopista México-Querétaro" toll road. Please only take this toll road, the free "Carretera Federal" to Querétaro is in terrible condition.

Before arriving to Querétaro take the detour to "Autopista to San Luis Potosí. S. M. de Allende Cuota" (Fig. 1). This road, also called 57D México-Tuxpan, will take you to the Northern part of Querétaro city avoiding the traffic. Drive on this road approximately 36 km (23 mi) until approaching a huge intersection that will gradually start after this sign (Fig.2).

Figure 1. Exit to S. M. de Allende

Figure 2. Exit towards the North of Querétaro City

Follow the signs towards Querétaro and try to be in the left lane. This road will become Autopista Querétaro - San Luis Potosí 57. Continue on this road for 14 km (8.7 mi). The central lanes will become an elevated bridge, do not go on the bridge and stay in the right lane. Make a right turn onto the road in front of the bridge. This is Boulevard Villas del Meson (no sign on the street). Villas del Meson will become, after a circle, Boulevard Juriquilla, just keep in the same direction as before and after the circle. After 250 m you will see the entrance of the campus (Fig. 3). Enter the campus and follow the route until you see the signs for the CAC or this Meeting.

Figure 3. Juriquilla campus entrance.

If you continued over the bridge take the first exit to the right lines and follow the signs to Juriquilla (Fig. 4) or Universidad Autonoma de Querétaro (UAQ). Take Avenue Provincia Juriquilla and continue on this street until a circular intersection and take the road to the left that will be Boulevard Juriquilla. After 250 m you will se the entrance of the campus (Fig. 3).Arriving from another part of México, please check on Google Maps or Google Earth to plan the best route.

Figure 4. Last exit to Juriquilla