American Arachnological Society Meeting 2017
Monday 24th to Friday 28th of July
México, Querétaro, Juriquilla

Short description of Tequisquiapan and Bernal:
The name of Tequisquiapan comes from Nahuatl and means place of tequesquite (potassium nitrate). A type of natural salt used to flavor food since pre Hispanic times. It is a colonial town with 300 years of heritage represented by its architecture. Today it is a nice and friendly town known for its vineyards, hand crafts and cheese production. The most common Indigenous group are the Otomi people, known from their beutiful rugs, textile designs, basketry and culture. Please visit the Tequisquiapan wikipedia page where this and more information can be found.

San Sebastián Bernal is a small town near Tequisquapan and its landscape is dominated by the impressive Peña de Bernal (Bernal's Rock). An igneous rocky monolith measuring about 1,000 feet in height and considered the third largest after the Rock of Gibraltar in Spain and the Sugar Bread in Brazil.

This makes Bernal a tourist attraction for climbers, but many other activities can be found such as: taverns, restaurants, handcrafts, traditional food stands, museums and colonial houses. The oldest building is a church located at its downtown area built from 1700 to 1725.

Finally the other places to visit will be La Redonda vineyard and the Quesos Vai cheese factory. In these places we will learn about the process for making these products and have the chance to sample a variety of wine and cheeses.

Field Trip cost and schedule:
The field trip is organized by DMC Meetings México and will include: transportation, three tourist guides, tasting at La Redonda vineyards, Quesos Vai cheese factory and the lunch at Gorditas el Negrito. In addition, a bag lunch and water will be provided. The Field Trip has a cost of $60 USD per person and can be purchased on the Registration page.

Field trip tentative schedule:
08:30  ¦   Pick up at a the UMDI-FC-J
09:00  ¦   Departure to Tequisquiapan
10:00  ¦   Arrival at Tequisquiapan
11:00  ¦   Free time
11:30  ¦   Departure to La Redonda vineyards
12:00  ¦   Tour of the vineyard and wine testing
13:00  ¦   Free time
13:30  ¦   Departure to Bernal
14:00  ¦   Lunch at Gorditas El Negrito
15:00  ¦   Guided tour at Bernal
16:30  ¦   Departure at Quesos Vai
17:00  ¦   Tour at this cheese factory
18:00  ¦   Departure to Querétaro
19:00  ¦   Arrival to UMDI-FC-J

Tequisquiapan Cathedral

Peña de Bernal

La Redonda vineyards

Quesos Vai chesse factory